I have been teaching photography for over 20 years. I offer both private and group lessons in Stratford and the surrounding area including London and Kitchener Waterloo. My students describe me as informative, passionate and dedicated. All I can say is that I get a real buzz when a great image is produced by a student of mine and I feel that I had even a small part in it’s creation. There is nothing more rewarding in teaching than when you see the light go on. Hopefully I have flipped a few switches over the years. I was educated in the more traditional forms of photography with film and darkrooms but the creation of images, the methodology was the same… the equipment and processes were just different. I believe that a good photograph is made… that it is initially a vision where you apply technique and photographic tools to create an image that is at least close to that vision. Not all “visions” are great ones. Sometimes, as one goes through this creative process, another, better vision is born and created as a photograph. This is the process of Making a Picture. The course I teach the most to aspiring photographers is “How To Make (Not Take) Better Pictures.”
Attached is a small sampling of my students’ work.
Enjoy it as I do.
Oh and please feel free to CONTACT me for learning opportunities.

B2.jpgClass Photos Apr. 26th 2010 053.jpgBridge 1.jpgDon Nature B copy.jpgDon Nature C copy.jpgDon Portrait C copy.jpgDon Pt Stanley 3 copy.jpgIMG_7253.jpgDon Pt Stanley 5 copy.jpgDon Pt Stanley 6 copy.jpgDSC_0396 copy.jpgDSC_0762 copy.jpgDSC_0931 copy.jpgIMG_3030.jpgDSC_0987.jpgIMG_0670.jpgIMG_0762.jpgIMG_1429.jpgIMG_2725.jpgDon Pt Stanley 4 copy.jpgIMG_5046 copy.jpgIMG_7778.jpgIMG_8674.jpgIMG_8770.jpgJJ WK4 6.jpgJJ WK5 1.jpgmacrobudDR copy.jpgJJ WK6 1.jpgJJ WK7 5 (my favourite pic).jpgk Sara exterior shotIMG_0862 copy.jpgLong Exposure 2.jpgJJ WK5 9.jpgmacrogleafDR copy.jpgmolly.jpgpanning1 (Large).jpgr Sara interior shot IMG_0920 copy.jpgrock the leaf.jpgRocks 2.jpgRunning Dog.jpgShutter (Fast) 1.jpgsolarlight2 (Large).jpgSylviaCol.jpgmacrorleafDR copy.jpgswimming duck.jpg